Vision Himpossible

We are fortunate to be a part of so many beautiful stories of changed lives and amazing transformations. Watch here and witness the power of community and people coming together to makes a difference in a child’s life. Meet them, hear their story and prepare to be blessed!

A mission at Tebow Cure Hospital Davao with Vision Himpossible

#EveryKitCares - VHM School Ministries

TRI, through #EveryKitCares, envisions that all children are given the rights to education and the basic tools that they would need to be successful in school and give them the hope for a better future.  In giving back to the community, more importantly in taking care of our youth, TRI ensures that the promise of a brighter tomorrow is possible.  #EveryKitCares continues to Help, Heal and give Hope to more communities and with your help, one kit a time, we can affect a massive positive change in the world.


Joshua Briana or “Baby Josh” holds a very special place in our hearts. Watch and learn how he and his family overcome the challenges of living with Angelman Syndrome. Their faith, courage, love and support is a testimony to what God can do. And we are determined to spread awareness and help Baby Josh break through the barriers of Angelman Syndrome.

Joey Lacido: From Orphan To Gold Medalist

Abandoned as a child due to limited resources, Joey Lacido’s life was changed by the love, kindness, and compassion of his adoptive family and VHM teachers. Watch this young boy’s journey from orphan to Taekwondo gold medalist.

Hazel Mae Danguen

Hazel Mae Danguen was a young tribal girl born with holes in her heart. By launching "A Thousand Hands, One Heart" fundraiser campaign on Facebook, VHM successfully raised the necessary funds for her surgery!

Tebow Cure Hospital

Tebow Cure Hospital in Davao City, Philippines gives hope and a future to disabled children who can’t afford medical care. Through reconstructive surgeries, many of these kids now enjoy the freedom of walking and playing again or for the first time ever!