Vision Himpossible

Rescue and Recovery


Sponsor a surgery today!
$20/person x 50 people can sponsor 1 child’s orthopedic surgery in the Philippines
Your donation can help a child receive orthopedic surgery so they can walk, run, and play again… or for the first time in their life!

We partner with various organizations to help provide medical attention, physical recovery, and emotional restoration to those in need.

Medical support:
We sponsor patients who need surgery for crippled limbs, bowlegs and select critical cases. With the services of skilled surgeons, children are able to walk or speak clearly for the first time in their lives!

Through VHM’s “A Thousand Hands, One Heart” fundraising campaign, Hazel Mae, a young tribal girl, receives a life-changing heart surgery.
Read more about her story here.

Rehabilitation for Abused Children:
Countless children suffer from sexual abuse at the hands of their own families. We support organizations that specialize in rescue and recovery programs for young women and children. Theater, music, dance, quilting, and drawing workshops are taught as a form of therapy and bring joy and healing into their lives.