Vision Himpossible

The health clinic

Funded by a UK Rotary club, the health clinic was built in late 2014 and gives medical facilities for the school and wider community. It is at the front of the school so it shares the school’s solar electricity, the water, broadband and night time security. Equipped with 2 consulting rooms, a recovery room and a reception, it can also be used for minor operations. Using a school classroom, it is also used for educating the community about health issues.
Consultations at the health clinic are heavily subsidised, with a typical visit to the doctor or nurse costing 50 Kshs (about £0.35, $0.50). The difference between the actual cost and the subsidised cost is made up by Osiligi. It typically costs around £330 or $500 per month to subsidise the clinic. We are aiming to have the clinic self funding by around 2019.
We are keen to encourage specialist doctors, surgeons, dentists etc. to visit and help the children and community. If you have suitable skills, please contact us.